Some Essential Settings After WordPress Installation

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After installing WordPress you have to do some WordPress essential settings to run your blog smoothly.

Here, I have mentioned some WordPress essential settings, which are necessary for your blog.

After fresh Wordpress installation, your blog does have dummy page, dummy post and dummy comment by default.

WordPress Essential Settings

Delete Default Page, Post And Comment


After login to your WordPress dashboard go to Pages > All Pages and delete the default ‘Sample page’ by click on Trash.

Same process with Post, go to Posts > All Posts and the default ‘Hello World’ post.

For delete Comments, go to Comments and delete the default comment.

Set Up Permalinks


Permalink is your post address.

The default WordPress permalink is:

But this address is not SEO friendly for search engines.

So, you have to make it SEO friendly by changing permalinks.

Go to Settings > Permalinks and select Post name”.

Click Save”.

Now your URLs are SEO friendly. This will help you to get more traffic from search engines.

it will look like this in search engines.


WordPress Ping List


When you edit or publish a new post, WordPress automatically send pings to that services which are listed under your update services.

Thus, ping services get notified about the new post and the search engine will quickly index them.

By default WordPress only pings one service. But you can notify much more services by adding more ping services to the ping list.

Go to Settings > Writing and add more ping services in “Update Services” box.

Click “Save Changes”.

Ping Services List
Disable Directory Browsing

It is most important to disable directory browsing for security purpose.

Login to your Cpanel, click on File Manager and tick on “show hidden files”.

Now edit the .htaccess file which is located in the root directory.

Add this line of code at the bottom to your .htaccess file.

Options All -Indexes

Click “Save”.

After setting up these settings, it’s time to add amazing features to your blog by installing plugins.

Want to install plugins?

Check out our guide on how to install WordPress plugins and also check out Most useful plugins for your blog

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