9 Best Free Social Media Tools To Be More Productive in 2018

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As this is 2018, Social media is growing constantly day by day.

Social marketers and bloggers are looking for such tools which can provide more productivity to them in the world of social media.

As you know, there are thousands of paid tools available in the market to use.

But, the right tool at the right price is a little bit tough to find out.

Perhaps, you may be having not enough budgets to afford them.

So, Today I have come with the list of 9 best and free social media tools which are most helpful for the social media workflow.

9 Best and Free Social Media Tools of 2018

Have a look at all these 9 free social media tools. Feel free to click on any which catches your attention first.

Note: You can start using all the tools with the free version and can upgrade anytime to the premium according to your need.

1. MetaShort

Quickly change a link’s social media appearance

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If you want to change your link, title, description, and image appear in the social media, MetaShort is just made for you.

By using MetaShort services you can have control on your all social media links and can show your audience what they want to see.

How to use MetaShort:

Go to MetaShort, Enter your link and click on customize.

metashort link

Now It will show you that how will your link show on social media. As in the screenshot below.

link preview

By scrolling down, you can customize everything like title, description, image, and keywords of your link and can show your link to your audience how they want to see.

customize link

By clicking on +Show Advance Options, you can customize your link appearance for twitter and facebook according to your need. Like you can show twitter summary with the large image, etc.

After customizing all the options don’t forget to copy your MetaShort link.

share link

Now use this link to share on your favorite social media channel.

2. Anchor Videos

Convert your audio into animated video with your transcript

anchor videos

As you all may know, Anchor is the most popular app which let you record your audio and podcast anytime.

But Today, I am introducing the new feature by Anchor called Anchor Videos which gives you the ability to convert your audio into animated video with your transcript.

How to use Anchor Videos:

First of all install Anchor app (android or ios) on your mobile phone.

Record your audio using the Anchor app, then tap on the video button.

Anchor will instantly transcript your audio and let you share an animated video of your audio and transcript to the various social media platforms.

You’ll be able to check and edit the transcript before creating the video.

Here’s a quick video on how to use anchor videos:

3. Crello

Amazing social media graphics designing tool with 10,000 free templates


Crello is a new and free graphic designing tool for creating social media, web, and print images. It provides 10,000 free design templates and millions of stock images and free design elements.

It’s a great tool to create the graphics for your social media platforms.

How to use Crello:

You can either create a graphic from scratch or use one of the pre-made templates from the collection of 10,000 of free templates.

Using drag-and-drop editor, you can easily add, edit, and move design elements around on your graphic.

Here’s a quick video on how to create a graphic with Crello:

4. Ezgif

Animated Gif editor and Gif maker


Ezgif is a simple online GIF maker and toolset for basic animated GIF editing.
Here you can create, resize, crop, reverse, optimize, and apply some effects to gifs.

It is designed primarily for creating and editing animated GIFs, and also support editing for all type of images as well as some basic video editing.

My favorite tools by Ezgif are GIF maker, Video to GIF converter and image resizer.

You can upload your file from your own computer or provide the direct link to the file to make the gif.

5. Buffer

Manage your all social accounts in one place

buffer tool

Buffer lets you schedule posts for the most popular social networks.

Buffer is mainly a social posting scheduler for Facebook (profiles and pages), Twitter, LinkedIn (profiles and pages), Google+ and Pinterest.

It gives you total control over your posting schedule without having to schedule every single post separately.

Buffer app is available for both android and apple users.

I love to use the buffer and handling all the social media accounts in one place.

6. Rebrandly

Create and share the link with your custom branded domain


Rebrandly is the best service for shortening URL and sharing custom branded links with your audience.

With Rebrandly, You can turn long, complex URL into branded and memorable ones.

You can also download the browser extension to quickly rebrand any links. When you are at a page you would like to share, hit the browser extension button and you will be able to rebrand the link with your branded domain.

Note: Rebrandly offers both free and paid services.

7. Botletter

Send newsletter on facebook messenger


Facebook Messenger platform is growing as a promising marketing channel.

With Botletter, you can grow your Messenger subscriber list, send your subscribers messages on Messenger (or botletters), and analyze your performance.

By using Botletter, You can send card message to your subscribers with an image, title, and call to action button.

It’s free of cost up to 1,000 messages per month.

8. Planable

Collaboration center for the social media team


Planable is a collaboration and planning tool for social media teams. Instead of using a combination of tools such as Dropbox and Google Sheets, you can get feedback, discuss ideas, and schedule posts from a single location.

The Planable interface is the mock of facebook page where you can save and publish your posts and discuss with your social media team.

Note: You can start using Planable with the free plan.

9. Fastory

Create stunning and animated Instagram stories


Fastory is an online graphics editor that allows you to create animated or static stories easily.

When you “publish” your stories on Fastory, it will send the stories to your email. You can then download them on your mobile phone and upload onto Instagram or Snapchat.

It’s very useful tool to create amazing stories for your Instagram and snapchat account.

Note: Fastory comes with free and enterprises plan.

Your Turn: What are your favorite and free social media tools?

Thanks for reading till the end! I hope you have found one or two (or nine) free social media tools to add to your daily workflow of 2018.

I believe there are many best free social media tools that I’ve missed and left out from this blog post.

I’m curious to hear about your shiny and favorite tools too! Feel free to comment below and I’ll be excited to check them out. Thank you!

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