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This is Nazim Ansari a 23 years old guy from Rampur, Uttar Pradesh India. By education, I am a computer networking engineer and by profession, I am a blogger. I love the internet and its services a lot.

To browse the internet is one of my favorite hobby. I can spend my whole day on my laptop without getting bored of a single minute on the Internet. Except this, I love writing, learning new things & programming too. I like designing very much.


In 2012, I was running many songs websites and was earning enough. But in 2015, Google had penalized my all websites which had thin or duplicate contents. I lost my all traffic and all earning as well as. I tried to get my lost traffic and rank on my website but I can’t get it back.

Then I thought, Why do not I give up this type of business which is temporary and illegal too.

Lately in the last of 2016, I started to learn blogging and some important knowledge about WordPress and finally launched blog on 21st April 2017, to help the beginners who want to make their career in the field of blogging.

The main motive to start this blog is to provide the knowledge and to keep updated about blogging, SEO, WordPress, affiliate marketing and social media marketing to the bloggers around the world.

Here on TutoXp, I’ll try my best way to provide you best solution for blogging, SEO, WordPress tutorials, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, etc.

So, This was my short story of the internet world. There are many things to tell you about my personal life. But I can’t explain that in the words.

Because That’s a love story.

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